Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Border Collie Rescue

Arizona Border Collie Rescue
Provides details about the organization, breed specifics, pictures and personality descriptions of available dogs, and contact information. Tempe.
border collie rescue
Nebraska Border Collie Rescue
Rescue, Rehabilitation, Foster and Placement of Border Collies in and around the state of Nebraska. Adoption of Border Collies.
border collie rescue
Border Collie Rescue Namibia
Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome Border Collie Rescue Namibia is established to rescue, rehabilitate and seek suibeble homes for unwanted or abandoned Border Collies.
border collie rescue
Welcome to Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
The Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue mission: Rescue, retrain and rehome Border Collies who have come into our care; Provide breed-specific training and care information
border collie rescue
Border Collie Friends Rescue - Home
Breed details, information about available dogs, and links to related content. Canada.
border collie rescue
The Border Collie Spot Rescue Centre
The site is primarily intended for the rescue, care and adoption of unwanted, abandoned and abused border collies.
border collie rescue
Gauteng Border Collie Rescue
Photographs and profiles of adoptable and permanently sheltered dogs, due to sickness or age. Purchasing and fostering guides, and adoption and sponsorship forms ...
border collie rescue
A Border Collie Warning
Before you make the decision to get a Border Collie, you should consider all of the following points carefully. After reading through this admonition and educating ...
border collie rescue
Border Collie Rescue National Directory - Home
We are always looking for new images of rescued border collies, please submit your pictures through our Contact Page. To add your Border Collie Rescue organization to ...
border collie rescue
Border Collie Rescue of Northern California
Border Collie Rescue of Northern California: We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to the welfare of the Border Collie. We are active in rescue ...
border collie rescue
Buckeye Border Collie Rescue
We are dedicated to finding good homes for deserving Border Collies ... giving them another chance.
border collie rescue
Border Collie Rescue and Adoption- Adopt a Border Collie Near You
Local Border Collie rescue and adoption to help you find a pet. See photos and adopt a Border Collie in your area.
border collie rescue
Southeast Border Collie Rescue League
Border Collie Rescue NEEDS YOUR HELP Southeast Border Collie Rescue needs your help to keep our doors open so we can continue rescuing and finding good homes for ...
border collie rescue
Centaurea Kennel - Border Collie Rescue
Border Collie Rescue. We are proud to be a foster home for Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc. (BCRT), a 501(c)3 non-profit group. If you have room in your heart ...
border collie rescue
Appalachian Mountain Border Collie Rescue
AMBCRC is a group of independent BC rescuers with similar policies and philosophies regarding the rescue and placement of abandoned or surrendered Border Collies in ...
border collie rescue
BCRT Dogs Available for Adoption - Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc.
* All donations will be acknowledged by a letter of receipt. Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation registered in Texas.
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